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August 11, 2010
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The moon was laughing as it shone through the night.
The voices died down in Maka Albarn and Soul Eater's home.
"Okay, everyone. The name is Poker. Any of you think you're cool enough to beat me and Maka?" Soul asked arrogantly.
"Oh ho ho ho! Wo you think yer bigger than the big Black*Star, eh?!" Black*Star exclaimed. "Tryin' to steal the spotlight from me?! Fat chance!"
"Makaaaaaaaaaaaaa Chop!" Maka smashed the spine of a book on the top of Black*Star's thick skull. "We're all right here you moron. You don't need to freaking shout. You'll disturb the neighbors...again."
Black*Star's weapon, Tsubaki, sighed. How she puts up with an idiot like him was beyond everyone.
Soul dealt the cards clockwise to everyone; Liz, Patti, Kid, Black*Star, Tsubaki, Blair, Maka, and then to himself, then the game began.
The first one out was Kid, because he couldn't stand not having even numbered cards in his hand. "This is NOT SYMMETRY!" he kept shouting. Then Blair poofed into her human form, and completely naked. The sighted alone made Black*Star and Patti laugh like no tomorrow, Soul received a nosebleed, and Kid passed out.
But shortly after Kid passed out, Black*Star lost (no surprise there) for shouting his hand every round. Liz followed him because she was more focused on her magazine. Tsubaki lost due to her meister shouting her hand every turn (and following a Tsubaki shuriken when she lost) Patti and Blair got bored and dropped out to find some mischief to create. That left Soul and Maka left.
The others left in a large group, however, Soul and Maka didn;t even notice their friends left.
Blair walked past the living room, catching sight of them still playing.
"You're still at it~Nya?"
The two stretched. "Yes," Maka answered.
"But it's getting really boring for a cool game."
Blair looked up thoughtfully for moment. "Blair is going to go home for a few days. Why don't you play strip poker~Nya?"
She poofed into a cat again and hopped out of the window. Soul got up, shut the window, locked it, and closed the curtains.
"I'm too cool for strip poker!" he said hastily, avoiding Maka's eyes and showing his reddened face.
"Agreed. It's so childish." Maka averted her gaze to the bookshelf.
The air became awkward. Soul sat there arms crossed and Maka fiddled with her hair.
They looked at each other for a brief moment. They could see the answer in their eyes.
Soul picked up the cards and chips, and moved them into Maka's room. Maka shut off all the lights, then entered her bedroom to finish their game. There were no windows. The door was closed and locked. The only light was the lamp on Maka's desk. Perfect game conditions.
Soul dealt the cards.
The first round went to Maka. Soul took off his headband. Maka won the second and third rounds. Both socks were thrown off.
Soul won the next two hands. Maka threw down her hair and her tie.
She won the sixth round. Soul unbuttoned his shirt, showing his undershirt.
He conquered the following five rounds. Maka stripped her self of her two socks, gloves, and her jacket.
Another victory for Maka. Soul shrugged off his shirt.
The next two rounds were Soul's. Maka unbuttoned her shirt and skirt, revealing matching panties and bra, both with a lace pattern sewn on them.
Soul blushed. Sure her chest was slightly underdeveloped, but her skin was undeniably beautiful. Even her battle scars were stunning. And he was her weapon. He had her all to himself.
Maka had the next hand. Soul took off his undershirt and revealed the stitched scar he received from Crona. She found herself flushing with color at how muscular Soul is. And how sexy the scar is. He defended her, and said that he was her weapon, and would refuse anyone else. She was his meister. She had him all to herself.
The following round had Maka lose her skirt.
The next round...
'Crap...a bad hand," Maka thought. 'I lost...'
'Damn! Nothing! I lose!'
Maka reluctantly threw her hand down first. Soul lowered his head and smiled. 'A draw. What now?'
Maka waited for Soul to claim his victory, but he didn't move. She reached over. Soul saw a bead of sweat trickling down her chest. Maka was close. Really close.
His cool breath sent shivers down Maka's spine. He was right there.
She placed her hand on his as she began to shrug off her shirt in defeat.
Maka grabbed his shoulder for balance, and pushed his hand down. 'He had nothing?'
Soul looked at her eyes. She was really something. An overachieving know-it-all, ridiculous, flat-chested, courageous, strong-willed, reliable, stunning, brilliant, elegant, beautiful meister. His meister.
Maka stared into Soul's blood colored eyes. He was her guardian angel in the form of a death scythe.
"We both lost..." she whispered.
Soul's lips hovered above the base of her neck and her right shoulder.
"Are we...seriously doing this?" Maka asked.
"Why not?" Soul breathed. "We're 'partners', aren't we?"
"But..." Her mind went blank the moment he placed a kiss on her skin.
She stood slowly, tiltiong his head up with a finger. She kissed him. And it was irresistably delectable.
Soul stood as Maka tripped and fell backwards onto her bed. Soul was suddenly above Maka, his hands by each side of her head.
He kissed her, and she kissed back.
Maka giggled.
"Nothing, your teeth are just sharp," she chuckled.
"Don't worry, I'll lead."
When their lips touched, their bond was enhanced tenfold. They felt their Insanity filling them, carrying the two further than mere kisses.

The draw of that final hand had dealt its consequence: the rest of the clothes were stripped. But it didn't deal just a punishment, it also handed out a reward:

Soul and Maka slept in each other's arms.
phew, after my dA properly working again, i am finally posting this fanfic that's been sitting for a few days. it was inspired by ~rustingfeather's It's one of those days again... ([link])


characters, etc belong to astushi ookubo, but story is all mine.
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